erotic glamour photography


… the team & the studio

Established in 2004, VeePhotoXXX is a division of VeePhoto Inc. dedicated to hardcore glamour and erotic photography for women and couples.

The studio is owned and operated by Vee, a professional female photographer from Montreal, specialized in glamour, boudoir, provocative and erotic photography. Our team also includes graphic designers, digital artists, photo assistants, hair and makeup artists who will all work together to capture what makes you unique and create stunning, timeless images.

Our main focus is to highlight our clients’ best features and capture what makes them unique, give them confidence by using clever posing techniques and whatever their style, reveal their beauty in a way they probably never imagined…

We shoot in two different studios, in Laval and Montreal, located in private lofts in commercial buildings, so they offer a safe and professional environment. After much - much! - renovations, it now offers, besides the usual studio lighting, a large quantity of backgrounds, including vintage wallpapers, a variety of backdrops, urban accessories, contemporary drapes, mirrors, candles, chains, cushions, feathers and a variety of old furniture & props. The Laval Studio also offers beautiful natural light that makes awesome, romantic photographs.


… the photo shoot process


When you book (online, by email or by phone), you will be asked to give a non-refundable deposit of 200$ to secure your appointment. The remaining balance will be due the day of the shoot (credit cards or cash accepted). If ever you need to change the date of your appointment, the deposit will be kept and applied to your next shoot. You must advise us at least 48hrs before your appointment, though. If you have booked online, you will receive an email within the next 24h to give you all the details and confirm your date and time. You will also be able to give us more details as to what theme/style you are looking for, so we may prepare all the accessories.


Upon your arrival, you will first discuss preferences, styles and themes with the photographer, who will prepare the set while you are getting ready. The makeup artist will then do her magic to prepare you for the shoot. The photo shoot will then take place, according to the package you have chosen.


The week after your shoot, your images will be sorted, color-corrected and retouched one at the time, and some effects will also be applied on some of the photos to give you an idea of what can be achieved on any of the images. The total amount of photos will vary depending on the length of studio time you have had, but they usually vary between 25-50 photos. Since this is a lengthy process, please allow 10 working days for your images to be ready to view online, on a private gallery that only you has access to. You will receive an email when they are ready with the login information. You will then be able to view and select your photos you want with no pressure in the comfort of your own home. The gallery will remain available for 3 weeks.

After your selection, the chosen images will be retouched to your specifications, and then sent back to you one more time, for one last approval before they are either sent to the lab, or copied on a USB key. If you want to add more products to your package, it will also be time to do so. Depending on the number of photos that require retouching, or the chosen products, delivery dates may vary, but we will give you an estimate when you order.


… makeup and hair styling

You don’t absolutely need to have the services of our makeup artist, especially if you know how to use makeup that brings out your best features, but we strongly recommend it.

Makeup for a photo shoot is not exactly the same as a natural makeup you would use everyday…. You usually need to put more for it to show on the photos and a professional makeup artist always knows exactly how to make you glow. If you want the full experience, really feel pampered and relax before the shoot, we strongly recommend you use her services. Hair styling usually involves either straightening or curling your hair, so we recommend that you come to the shoot with your hair washed and dry, without any product in it. Usually, hair & makeup will take approximately one hour

Men are also welcome to get a basic makeup experience, which usually involves a matte powder to remove blemishes and shiny spots, and application of concelaers to cover unwanted features...


… your privacy and other f.a.q.

Privacy: who will see my photos?

We know you probably don’t want these photos to be found all over the internet, and we are committed to protecting your privacy. The photographer, the digital artist who will take care of the touchups, and the lab technician if you have ordered prints are the only ones who will see your photos. After the shoot, you have the choice to ask us to archive your photos for 3 months, in case you want to re-order some more later, or completely delete them as soon as you have your own copies.

And we never, EVER use the photos without your written consent.

What are the limits during the shootings?

There are no actual limits : whatever your style, your sex orientation, your personal fantasies or the reason why you want to do these photos, we don’t judge, we always keep an open mind, and trust me, there isn’t much we haven’t seen yet…! Whether you want to be provocative, or a glamourous diva, pose like a porn-star, become a fetish master or portray artistic images, we will adapt to your style.

If you come as a couple, remember that erotic photography isn’t like filming an X-rated movie, though. Whereas movement is required in a film, there will be no "live action" in our photo shoots and don't expect the experience to be very erotic or sensual : you may be required to hold a very uncomfortable pose for a while in order to achieve good results, and in order to see and get nice, erotic results in photo, the pose itself when you do it will semm nothing natural to you (but the results on paper will astound you, we promise).

And remember, male and female expectations are often drastically different. This is why when you are coming for a photo shoot as a couple, you need to talk with each other beforehand… Very often, Madame wants a romantic, sensual photo shoot, where very little details are revealed, whereas Monsieur expects more a photo shoot found in 18+ magazines…. In order to avoid tears and embarrassing moments in front of the photographer, please discuss exactly WHAT you want to do in the shoot before you arrive, what you will (or not) wear, what kinds of poses you want (sensual, erotic or more artistic), and the style you want to adopt.

And remember, you must be 18+ if you want to shoot photos of a sexual nature. And sorry boys, we do not shoot erotic photos of men alone, but we can offer you artistic nude photo shoots.

Can I bring a friend ?

Of course ! It often helps to be more at ease when someone you know is present, and he/she might help with your posing and give you smart suggestions, since he/she knows you well. We have a little couch for them to wait, and they can be present for the shoot or wait in an adjoining room if you are rather shy.