erotic glamour photography

Glamour & Diva style


The Glamour or Diva style focuses on the beauty and sex appeal of women. Want to feel extra glamorous, without being necessarily totally naked ? Want to be Cinderella for a few hours, wear elegant dresses, shiny jewelry, high heels and long gloves, while lying on fur, in a classy chair ?

The Diva photo shoot is for you. Let us pamper you with chic hair & makeup, and bring out your most elegant outfits, or come play in our closet to find dresses you'll enjoy wearing.

With a combination of cosmetics, digital touchups and lighting techniques, this photo shoot will reveal your beauty in a way you probably never imagined. Different styles can be combined during the shoot (provocative, sensual, fashion, etc.) so you have a variety of choices.

You may be fully or only half-clothed, whatever you feel comfortable to do, but in any case, we will make sure you look as sexy as possible.

Pinup & Burlesque style


The pinup and burlesque photo session tries to recreate the classic look of the years 1920 to 1960. The name “Burlesque” recalls the women who were at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in the twentieth century. It then became associated with burlesque striptease performances that were common there. Photography burlesque today is just another type of photography "boudoir" where lingerie has a more vintage look, rather than the modern style we see today : it is often very colourful, with feathers, boas and corsets, bringing a rather classic look.

As well, the "Pin-Ups" of those years were considered sexy, slightly taboo, and it is this style we are trying to recreate. Perfect for naughty women who want a sexy look without too much skin revealed and for Betty Boop's fans.

Fishnets, corsets, boas, leopard skins, girdles, polka-dots bikinis and a retro makeup & hairstyle are usually combined to recreate the authentic look characteristic of those years, when so many men where fantasizing about a certain Marilyn.

Boudoir & Bridal style


The boudoir style is very romantic and sensual. “Suggestion” is the whole idea. The look is often shy, innocent, poses are very candid, never provocative, almost as if the subject did not know she was being photographed (“ Ooops! “) Luxurious beds or rooms are often included in the decor.

As well, a new trend gaining in popularity is the Bridal Boudoir photo shoot.

A unique, personal & unforgettable gift for your groom that will knock his socks off. This photo shoot usually takes place about 6 weeks before your wedding, and often involves “implied nudes”, inspired by the pinup classics. You can bring your veil, tiara and any wedding lingerie you may have to create unforgettable pictures for your husband-to-be, to give him the night before your wedding or the first night of your honeymoon.... a gift he will never forget!

Naughty style


Feeling a bit less innocent than the Boudoir style ? The Naughty style is for you. A little bit more provocative, a little bit more revealing. Love the Victoria’s Secret style with its mix of Glamour and sexy charm ? That is the idea. The Naughty photo session focuses on the beauty and sex appeal of women, doesn’t leave too much to the imagination and definitely entices to see more.... Although not as crude and explicit as the erotic shoot, these may not be photos you would want to show your mom.

Sexy lingerie, unbuttoned shirts or tiny jeans shorts are just a few examples of the style. Eye contact with the camera is also very important, and we will play a lot with the expression on you face to give the proper “naughty” look and make the person who will look at your photos feel like he/she was part of the scene.

Vintage style


Erotic photography dating from 1835 up to the year 1960 is often called"vintage photography".

Although the subjects are usually completely or mostly undressed, this is not a strict requirement.

Sexy, vintage dresses, a hippy, 70s look or vintage lingerie from the 30s can also be part of the vintage photo session. A old “polaroid” effect or yellowish filter are often applied to the photos to complete the look.

Elegant and lovely, the women in vintage photography are usually portrayed as innocent and natural beauties. The poses are not provocative, but more shy in nature. Retro hair styles and makeup usually complete the look, as well as old-style clothes (lace, boas, corsets, girdles, hippy dresses, etc.).

Fetish style


Fetish art is a form of sexual expression.

Sometimes it simply depicts a person dressed in fetish clothing, such as undergarments, stockings, high heels, corsets and boots. A common fetish theme is a woman dressed as a dominatrix, with leather and chains. Latex, BDSM, bondage, transvestism, whatever your fantasy or fetish (or your partner’s), you can feel free to dress up the way you want and we will adopt the style you are looking for.

For you, your man, your self-promotion on your personal website, alone or as a couple,whatever the reason, you can be sure of getting stunning images. And don’t worry : whatever your thing, we never judge (we probably have seen it all already, anyways).

Fantasy style


This photo shoot offers you the opportunity to become any creature or character you have always dreamed of impersonating... Gothic rebel, devilish angel, goddess of the forest, naughty elf, innocent schoolgirl, whatever your vision, we will do our best to create the decor, atmosphere and costumes required.

We have a variety of wigs, costumes & accessories, computer-enhanced decors & backgrounds to complete the setup.

Your imagination is the only limit !

Artistic nude style


The artistic nude photo shoot focuses on the lines and curves of the body, portraying sensual shapes and images with artistic setups of light and shadows... You are usually naked, but your face is often hidden, and the images have a very abstract look, often hard to determine exactly.

If you are rather shy, but would still like to do artistic, sensual images, alone or as as couple, this shoot is for you.

Sensual style


The sensual photo shoot is for those who like nude or partially nude photos, but are interested in a more romantic style.

Very similar to the artistic nude shoot and very popular among shy women and couples, poses are usually less abstract, require less contortions and involve more kissing and embracing. You usually do not look at the camera, but rather pretend as if you were caught in a personal, romantic moment.

White or black backgrounds are usually used so to keep the focus on your bodies and the sensuality of the moment.

Fashion style


The fashion shoot for couples is for those who would like to have fashion-like pictures together, that stand out from traditional portraits and let them be somewhat more original.

Calvin Klein or Guess jeans ads are often used as inspiration, where partly dressed couples are portrayed. You can bring a couple of different outfits to create different looks, bring accessories and we also have a variety of backgrounds to create different styles.

If you are alone, you might still love the style found in commercial ads and fashion magazine and might want to have some pictures of you in a fashion style. A popular trend is to mix styles, such as a naughty, sexy look, but with a high-fashion mood, with extreme makeup, crazy hairstyle or trendy accessories.